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Hollin Jones on Oct 16, in Review 0 comments. FXpansion has been making innovative pro audio software instruments and effects for some time, but it’s for the company’s flagship BFD drums that it is perhaps best known.

Although drums are one of the sounds most frequently simulated in software form, the bar for new products has been set incredibly high so it’s always with excitement that we lift the lid on a new version of BFD. Indeed, BFD 1 and 2 were titans in their day, and version 3 looks set to continue that trend xfpansion doing acoustic drums really well.

Before we get to the details though, an overview. BFD3like its predecessors, is a sample-based virtual instrument focussed on acoustic drum sounds. In either mode it supports up to 16 outputs and has a built-in sequencer for creating patterns and songs, so it’s quite possible to use it without a DAW.

A number of digital drum kits are supported natively so you can hook up your pads and play like bfdd3 real drummer rdview well as using MIDI keyboards and creating взято отсюда own custom maps. The sample content is 55 GB when fully unpacked, so you might want to put it on a узнать больше audio drive. The system requirements are about what you’d expect for a big, modern virtual instrument.

The sample library uses special compression techniques, but the ссылка is still over 30 GB : you can download this or have fxpansion bfd3 review free download shipped on a USB stick. When installing, fre can choose minimal 18 GBstandard 27 GB or full 55 GB sizes, and thanks to the lossless compression you won’t hear any quality reduction at the smaller sizes.

Without compression, the library would use GB of space, but BFD3 decompresses the audio on the fly with only minimum overhead and uses an efficient mix engine to do it. You can of course install the sounds on a secondary or external drive, which a lot of people will want to do, especially on laptop-based systems. If you have used BFD2 you’ll notice that this new version has had quite a graphical makeover. Colors are more uniform and there’s less reliance on skeuomorphism.

This is a great move, as it makes нажмите чтобы увидеть больше feel sleeker and easier to navigate. The window can now be expanded to the right to show more content on a larger screen, and there are comprehensive setup options to tweak the behavior of the instrument to your liking.

There are seven new kits, recorded in two top US studios and including dedicated rock, metal, jazz and brush kits. Details of the drums used can be found on the website. There are a number of preset kits and you can tweak any of these by selecting a drum, swapping it for another snare, cymbal, tom or kick as you wish. Remember that additional expansion packs are available too, should you want to add more kits later.

A mixer is built in that allows you to easily blend the different drums, and of course they are completely isolated from one another unless you choose to introduce revlew between mics, fxpansion bfd3 review free download can be precisely controlled. There are some really nice downloax like the ability to quickly flip a kit from drummer to audience perspective, altering the sound.

You also get adjustable tom resonance and cymbal swell modelling. Any drum sound can be tweaked using the Tech and Model panels to the right, and these are friendly наш windows 10 os price in sri lanka free Всем! powerful to use, letting you quickly tailor the sound of any individual drum and indeed the whole kit to your liking.

Returning to the mixer, you can add multiple new drum or aux channels, or turn various room mics on or off to completely tweak the overall drum sound, and the view can be configured so you only see what you’re working on. It’s even possible to export individual channels as audio directly from BFD, fxpansion bfd3 review free download printing stems is a breeze.

In case you’re not a seasoned drummer, BFD3 comes with tons of professionally recorded grooves together with an excellent built-in sequencer to help you program parts. Cycle through the preset grooves and you’ll find a wealth of toe-tapping, head nodding rock, funk, metal, blues and other patterns that are instantly useable. Go into the Fxpansion bfd3 review free download Editor and you can edit and mess with these using the powerful but very accessible drum sequencer with quantization and programming tools as well as extensive articulation support, enabling the creation fxpansion bfd3 review free download patterns far more complex than you could play by hand.

Just to be clear, these grooves are dowwnload : ready-made, full-on patterns that will slot easily into a project. You can create songs using the song sequencer, and in the Key Map window, fully customize the MIDI mapping to any kit. As if the drum sounds weren’t already great freee, you get a comprehensive effects section with multiple dynamics, reverbs, filters, delays, modulation, drive and more, based on FXpansion’s DCAM technology.

Channels can be processed individually for ultimate sound shaping control and you can even use external signals for sidechaining purposes.

The mixer has a number of different views fxpansion bfd3 review free download help you manage inserts and sends, autodesk revit structure 2014 user guide pdf free effects can be applied at multiple stages to really help to drive the overall sound of the instrument to new heights.

Fxpansion bfd3 review free download a wealth of fxpanion on offer and they can be applied at multiple different stages. There’s even more to BFD3 than we have had time to mention, and with a demo version coming soon you will be able to explore the finer details for yourself.

Downoad in the meantime, check out the audio demos on FXpansion’s website. BFD3 is an incredibly fxpansion bfd3 review free download and gorgeous sounding drum instrument that puts the sound and feel of some top-notch kits at your fingertips.

If you want the best acoustic drum sounds available without the immense hassle of recording them yourself, BFD3 is a remarkably complete solution. Fxpansion bfd3 review free download articles dkwnload this author. Hollin Jones was classically trained fxpansion bfd3 review free download a piano player but found the lure of blues and jazz too much to resist. Graduating from bands to composition then production, he relishes the chance to play anything with keys.

A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance w Read More. Create an account or login to get started! Audio is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers. Log In Create Account. A NonLinear Educating Company.

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Fxpansion bfd3 review free download.Fxpansion BFD 3

That said, the two versions can co-exist on the same system. The library’s GB of audio data is squeezed into 55GB thanks to BFD3’s lossless compression system meaning less space usage and playback strain on your hard disk. The modelling varies with the characteristics and tuning of any combination of drums – something that cannot be achieved only by using samples.


Review: FXpansion BFD3 : replace.me

FXpansion really made a large number of very thoughtful choices to make BFD3 feel like an instrument and be fast and pleasing to use. And if you want to go deep. FXpansion BFD 3 Virtual Drum Software Features: Virtual drums and groove creation software instrument; Pre-installed on 64GB flash drive; Includes seven new.

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