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Legendary Game Developers: id Software. Legendary Game Designers: Damon Slye. Interview with David Ahl, founder of Creative Computing. It was positively received by fans due to its smooth gameplay and high quality graphics. You take control of Simba as a cub and later in the game as an adult, following the events from the animation.

The only flaw here is that the game does very little if anything to describe what is going on and instead it relies on the fact that the movie was extremely popular at its release, and everyone would, more or less, know what it was about.

The gameplay is very smooth and is kept nice and simple throughout. As mentioned, you control Simba who can jump, climb, roar, tumble and later use his claws. In the beginning of Lion King, he is a mere cub and he can only defeat enemies by jumping on them in a very Mario-esque way; some enemies are more tricky, like hedgehogs, and you must use your roar to knock them on their backs before you can jump on them.

Later, Simba can maul them instead, but he also loses his ability to tumble. There are two gauges on the screen: one for his roar and one for his health. Using your roar will make it unusable or rather ineffective while the gauge refills. Naturally, if you are hit by enemies, the life gauge depletes and if it drains completely, you must restart from your last save point, and you lose one life.

Lives and health can be regained by finding various hidden bugs. The graphics of Lion King are top notch and were designed by Walt Disney animators. As such, the animations are very smooth and detailed; even when jumping, there is a series of frames instead of just one pose. The levels are very distinct and they each have their own flavor, at one point even more distinct than the movie.

The music is also directly inspired from it, and the game also features small bits of voice acting to add that little bit of extra depth. To conclude, Lion King is a high quality, polished and very enjoyable game that brings back many fond memories.

Definitely recommended, and not only to those who want a little piece of nostalgia. The Lion King is a very popular video game based on the animated film produced and launched by Disney. The game focuses on Simba’s journey from a young carefree cub until he has to battle his uncle Scar, when he is an adult. His objective, as in the title, is to become the greatest lion. The game is a side-scrolling platform version, with the character being able to leap, climb, run and descend. There are few exceptions throughout the game, when Simba has to only run, dodge attacks and leap over rocks.

The two bars which appear on the HUD are the roar meter left and the health bar right. The roar meter has to be full in order for Simba’s roar to be effective. Simba usually has more lives than one, and you can see how many remaining lives he has in the bottom left screen corner. Simba can restore his health by collecting bugs. However, the player will have to pay attention to the bugs, because sometimes he may eat some health-damaging ones.

It happens rarely, but it happens. Simba the cub can roar, jump on enemies and roll. He is not very powerful, but is quick and can combat enemies with different skills. He can also hide and dodge attacks by rolling. Simba the adult is stronger and can throw at enemies by jumping on them. Once he jumps on his enemy, the opponent is defeated.

He has a more effective roar, but can no longer roll, as in its childhood. During the game the player will bump into two bonus stages. In the first one he controls Pumba, while in the second he controls Timon, who has to search for bugs within a time limit. Both bonus stages will end if Pumba or Timon will be touched by a bad bug. The game received mostly positive feedback and was very popular back when released, mainly thanks to the popularity of the movie. The game was rated with an 8 out of 10 by Electronic Gaming Monthly and was sold in 1.

However, many players believed the flaw of this game is the fact that it is too difficult. Even when played on the easy setting, the game was difficult to finish for an experienced player, Gameplayers wrote in Disney’s Lion King appeared in theaters in , and was hailed as the best animated feature ever. The grammy-winning music was at the head of it’s class.

The beautiful animations stunned movie watchers. The deep storyline even won praise from almost every film critic in the US. Guess what? The same goes for the game. The Lion King is a side-scroller that takes place in two parts; the first with Simba the main character, and the son of the king of Africa’s Savanah as a little furball; scratching hyenas with his tiny claws, rolling entire porcupines over with a single roar, and petrifying small lizards with a tiny little roar.

The second part has Simba all grown up; tossing cheetahs off the screen, pouncing on hyenas, and petrifying small monkeys with a really big roar. The graphics in Lion King game are just plain incredible.

The screens were hand-drawn by the same Disney animators who did the movie, and are packed with color. The animation is so crisp and clear, you would swear you were watching a cartoon. The only gripe I had was a constant graphical jump when you used the toss, and the cut scene when you get hit was a little out of place, but otherwise the graphics are flawless.

The video game s of the same plot as the Disney movie The Lion King. The player is put in the role of Simba , a little lion cub. We cannot patch the games, we can only wrap them with emulators.

Thanks Manu, I was able to configure the controls for Genesis and it works well : Thanks for clarifying! Looking forward to the new Amiga version whenever it’s available. DOS version has a bug: at level 2, where supposed to pass to level 3, Simba falls into water and you lose.

Get the full game on GOG. Would you like to add your comment or game review? The voices used like Timon and Pumbaa was great as well, and they said some of their phrases from the movie, which all sounded equally as good. Then the other sound effects like the bark of Hyenas and the separate roar of the Panthers you fight as a full-grown Simba. Together both music and sound made this game quite a treat to watch and listen to, and gave you a great atmosphere of what was in stored in the later parts of the game.

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The lion king pc game download windows 10

In addition to Uncle Scar, Simba battles the hyena crew from the movie, as well as buzzards, assorted reptiles and bugs, cheetahs, and other jungle flora and fauna.


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