About us

We want to introduce our mission.

I am a high school track and cross country athlete with God guiding me. I want to share my skills, highlights, and mental training to help others. I am very grateful for the opportunities that I have been able to be a part of. I want to share my successes and failures to hopefully prove to others that, anything is possible with God and a burning passion within you. My Coach and team have been amazing and it makes me happy to share that joy with others. 


The RUN is not only physical, it's mental. Its being sore, blistered toes and feet, sweaty, hot and sometimes feeling like you cannot push yourself any further. But we do, we all do.... Being a teenager, we face a lot of ups and downs, challenges and learning how to deal with life, deal with success and failures. We all need confident and humble role models with God's mission at our forefront and wanting to clap for others even when we may not feel like clapping for ourselves. The RUN, for me is the reason to get out of my head, to hurt so that overcomes every other stress, the RUN is the reason, the purpose, the goal. Releasing those endorphins and allowing them to push me through the RUN. 

Inspiration from other Athletes

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