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Not so short-winded blatherings on whatever is currently occupying the part of my brain that deals with nature photography and related concerns. Updated sorta weekly. On this page you’ll find all my blog listings immediately below. And, further down this page you’ll also find some key and very popular gear-related blog entries from jump to that section now.

If you missed last night’s Nikon Long Lens Talk by yours truly you can still catch it on YouTube at these coordinates:.

Feedback to: feedback naturalart. Nikon’s telephoto and super-telephoto lenses have undergone rapid evolution over the past few years. Along the way many long-held generalizations and assumptions about how Nikon’s long lenses perform have been challenged or even shattered.

Are fixed focal length lenses still sharper than zooms? Must high-performance super-telephotos still be big and heavy? Can you get professional-quality results when you add a teleconverter to a super-telephoto lens? Can you really hand-hold mm lenses? I’ve just put my Nikkor Z mm f2.

All the critical details can be found on my Gear 4 Sale page. I know I’ll be asked why I am selling this excellent lens that many view as the best mm f2. Between those 3 lenses I’m exceptionally well covered in the mm focal range. And, most importantly, the reality I have observed this spring is that the Z mm f2. So rather than it becoming a dust collector I’d prefer it ends up in the hands of someone else who will use it.

If your head is spinning right now over what Nikon long lens is right for you then you CAN’T miss this online presentation on Nikon’s long lenses featuring yours truly. Now that our first FIVE photo tours of have been successfully completed and I’ve had enough time to at least start getting on top of things I’ve begun posting brand new images in my Gallery of Latest Additions.

Over the next while the new image additions will be dominated by captures from my spring photo tours, but before long you’ll see images from my testing of a certain new exotic Nikkor lens that is turning the wildlife photography world on its head! As always, each new image posted in my galleries is accompanied by a lot of contextual information – just click on the labelled tabs e.

Links to larger versions of the images typically pixels on the long axis are found within the contextual information under the “In the Field” tab. Coming soon – a postscript of my experiences during the spring photo tours, with a heavy emphasis on how all my new Z gear performed under the challenging shooting conditions in the Great Bear Rainforest. I’ve just returned home and to my office after leading two very successful and amazing Spring the Southern Great Bear Rainforest photo tours. Spring is always a great time to visit the Great Bear Rainforest, but this year the wildlife really delivered for us.

The bears were downright spectacular There’s some absolutely unforgettable about watching and photographing a breeding pair of grizzlies playfully tussle among the lupines in a stunning Great Bear Rainforest estuary.

It was also noteworthy that we saw an inordinate number of large adult male grizzlies this year We also had some great encounters with Killer Whales both residents and mammal-eating transients , including some young “serial breachers”! I’m only back in my office for a short duration and will be leaving next week to lead our first ever “Khutzeymateen Explorer” photo tour details here. So I may not have a chance to post new images from the trips until I return from the Khutzeymateen in late June or early July.

This season I am offering several more Great Bear Rainforest photo tours than ever before – largely to accommodate the backlog of guests who couldn’t visit the area in or owing to the COVID pandemic. Here’s the link to the photo tour with the remaining spot:. So if getting into the Great Bear Rainforest is on your wildlife photography bucket-list, this may be a great opportunity to tick that trip off!

Contact me at seminars naturalart. This blog post is in response to an increasing number of emails I’m getting on the subject of “hey In my photo tour offerings will be evolving somewhat.

But don’t worry I’ll still be offering the best the BC coast can offer! I’ll be offering TWO combined photo tours and workshops on the west coast of Vancouver Island in Both of these trips will be based out of Bamfield, British Columbia. In mid-March we’ll be focused on the spectacle of the herring spawn and ALL the associated wildlife it attracts and in mid-May we’ll be going after ALL the wildlife the region offers during the peak of nature’s spring party!

On both of these trips we can accept up to 12 guests, and these are our best trips ever for couples to participate in even if one of the couple is a non-photographer. These trips offer spectacular wildlife and scenery, world-class accommodations and dining, and unrivaled comfort while still being absolutely surrounded by stunning wilderness!

I’ll be accepting bookings for these trips beginning in late June Back again! My Grizzlies of the Khutzeymateen photo tours offer the best grizzly photography opportunities anywhere. I’ll be offering one “standard” 5-day instructional photo tour that focuses solely on the Khutzeymateen and one 7-day Khutzeymateen Explorer trip that combines 3 days in the Khutzeymateen with an additional 4 days of exploring nearby “grizzly inlets” as well as locations featuring marine mammals and coastal gray wolves.

We’ll be offering two amazing Great Bear Rainforest photo tours in And, in September we’ll be offering an instructional photo tour that visits the region of highest density of Spirit Bears. Back for ! I’ll be accepting bookings for this trip immediately after we complete the version of the trip in mid October of While I’m not accepting bookings for these trips quite yet, I am keeping a “first right of refusal list” commitment free!

If you’d like to be placed on this “first right of refusal list” just email me at seminars naturalart. Requests to be placed on my photo tours’ “first right of refusal list” that come in while I am away will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis when I return. Just a quick FYI to let everyone know that I am leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow to lead back-to-back photo tours in the famous Great Bear Rainforest.

We’re beginning with an 8-day instructional tour details here , followed by a 9-day exploratory photo adventure details here. I’ll be back behind my desk on or about June 8.

It’s always exciting to visit the Great Bear, but this year it’s even more exciting than normal – not only have we missed two consecutive years of Great Bear photo tours, but this spring I have so much new gear to continue field-testing under the challenging conditions found in the Great Bear, including my Z 9’s, my Z mm f2. Should be great fun! If visiting the Great Bear is on your bucket list My field-testing of this lens includes a mix of shooting with the lens in a field setting plus a lot of systematic field-based testing where I compare various aspects of the Z mm f2.

This means I am testing optical performance, AF performance, VR performance, and more against the following lenses: the Nikkor mm f2. At this point I have completed virtually all the field tests I need to do and have quickly skimmed over the resulting images but I have NOT finished methodically scrutinizing them in extreme detail I have also shot about 5, images in the field with the Z mm f2.

I leave on Thursday May 19 for a few weeks of leading photo tours in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest during which I will be shooting extensively with the Z mm f2. I’ve looked at my test images closely enough to know that none of these findings will differ in my final review, but that review will go into a whole lot more detail and discuss performance nuances that I know are important to some shooters. Hopefully today’s entry will be sufficient for those waiting to hear my thoughts on the lens before making their own decision on whether to purchase it or not.

Today I’ll start with an overall summary and then say a few words about several performance characteristics of the lens. I purchased the Z Nikkor mm f2. My expectations have all been met or exceeded. And, equally as importantly, a large weight saving on the lens relative to its precursor, the integration of a 1. With my shooting style that includes a lot of hand-holding of super-telephoto lenses and preferred subject matter think large mammals, many with sharp teeth and probably not as many birds as many other wildlife photographers this is as close to the perfect lens as I have ever shot with or tested.

That doesn’t mean it IS perfect No mm f2. And in linear dimensions the Z mm f2. Overall length when the lenses have their stock hoods in place is only 4 mm different with the Z mm actually shorter than the mm f2. But don’t forget, the Z mm has a built-in TC that adds length to the lens Now we see a big advancement, with the Z mm f2.

How much lighter? In absolute terms, when in shooting state the Z mm f2. This makes a HUGE difference when carrying it in the field Interestingly, if I turn the VR off and shoot both ‘s hand-held I can get sharp shots down to almost identical shutter speeds. I’ll comment more on this in my full review of the lens. Here again there is a significant difference between the Z mm f2. In sum, on the Z mm we gain a second L-Fn button, a control ring, a Fn ring which, with Z 9 firmware 2.

The only other switch is the AF limiter giving you two options – full or 6m to infinity. There is no VR switch – this is controlled by a menu item in your Z camera body. Stylistically they’re a little different, with the new Z mm coming in with an almost Sigma-like more “industrial” look and feel kind of in the spirit of Soviet-era utilitarianism. But, if anything, the rings like the tripod collar move smoother on the Z mm than the mm f2. On the positive side, it is smaller and with less space between itself and the lens barrel but it’s easily large enough for hands of close to any size.

On the negative side For the vast majority of users of this lens a tripod foot means “Arca Swiss compatible” and, of course, the handle is NOT an Arca Swiss compatible tripod foot. The net result? Anyone wanting to convert the handle to an Arca-Swiss compatible tripod foot has to either add a lens plate to it or replace the entire handle with a 3rd party tripod foot.

In the past I have always replaced Nikon super-telephoto handles with 3rd party tripod feet, but in this case I have to say I like the feel of the handle so much it is nicely padded and happens to fit my hand very well I will probably and for the first time just add a lens plate on those occasions where this lens needs to be mounted on tripod. I am still shaking my head over how Nikon can produce such an amazing lens with ALL the latest technologies and yet not understand the difference between a handle and a tripod foot.

And that means you when you convert the handle to a tripod foot using a lens plate you don’t need a long one!



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