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The Cronbach alpha value of the checklists was 0. Initiative, as an affective domain, in the professor’s recommendation letter was highly ranked among the six checklist categories. Self-directed learning in the self-introduction letter was influenced by a pass or fail grade by logistic regression analysis pprofessor recommendation letters and the sum of all characteristics in the self-introduction letter. The mixing was done in Laboplastomill at the temperature of o C, and screw speed of 20 rpm, for 5 minutes.

Electron beam irradiation at the dose of 5, 10, 30, and 50 kGy was carried out to accelerate the matrix oxidation is accelerated. Full Text Available In the most general sense, lettering is the art of drawing letters , in which the letter forms carry illustrtive features. In this research which is titled “An Analysis on Legibility in Letterings Used in Print Advertisements”, letterings used in and specially designed for print ads are analysed and their contribution to the ads are examined.

Legibility, which is the fundamental function of writing and typography is examined in the field of lettering that has an illustrative approach. Keywords: Lettering , print advertisements, letter design, illustration, legibility.

Randomized comparison of deliverability and in-hospital complications in implantation of BxSonic R , Express R , and Flexmaster R coronary stents. The groups were well matched with regard to age, sex, diabetes, smoking, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension Having trouble with your credit card debt?

Below you will find examples of hardship letters. There are several things to consider when writing a credit card hardship letter. A hardship letter is the first step to letting the credit card company know that things are bad.

This free credit card hardship letter sample is only a guide in order to start the negotiation. Credit card debt hardship letter example, hardship letter to credit card. If you are having trouble paying off your debt and need Critical contrastive rhetoric: The influence of L2 letter writing instruction on L1 letter writing. Full Text Available The present study employed critical contrastive rhetoric to investigate the L2 to L1 transfer of organizational pattern and directness level of speech acts in business complaint letters.

By examining the L1 complaint letters of 30 tourism university students in two phases of study, pre and post instruction of English complaint letter , the study revealed that the rhetorical organization of Persian letters are in a state of hybridity. The post instruction comparison of letters , however, showed a tendency towards applying English conventions both in organization and directness level of complaint speech act in the L1 complaint letters.

The results also revealed that after instruction the expert in the field of tourism viewed some letters as inappropriate in terms of politeness which is reflected through some lexical items. A Letter to Ahmad Khan. The addressee is the famous ruler of the Great Horde, khan Ahmad. Daulat Khan mentioned in the letter is Nur-Davlet. Considering the period of activity of Nur-Davlet in Crimea, presumably the letter was written in Famous researcher of the Crimean Khanate V.

Smirnov had already examined the letter and the question of why Ahmad Khan was named the Crimean khan in the title of the letter [2, p. Letter Knowledge in Parent—Child Conversations. Learning about letters is an important component of emergent literacy.

By studying conversations transcribed in CHILDES MacWhinney, between parents and children aged one to five, we found that alphabetic order influenced use of individual letters and letter sequences.

Describing these patterns and how they change over the preschool years offers important insight into the home literacy environment. Letter -transposition effects are not universal: The impact of transposing letters in Hebrew. We examined the effects of letter transposition in Hebrew in three masked-priming experiments. Hebrew, like English has an alphabetic orthography where sequential and contiguous letter strings represent phonemes. However, being a Semitic language it has a non-concatenated morphology that is based on root derivations.

Experiment 1 showed that transposed- letter TL root primes inhibited responses to targets derived from the non-transposed root letters , and that this inhibition was unrelated to relative root frequency. Experiment 2 replicated this result and showed that if the transposed letters of the root created a nonsense-root that had no lexical representation, then no inhibition and no facilitation were obtained. Finally, Experiment 3 demonstrated that in contrast to English, French, or Spanish, TL nonword primes did not facilitate recognition of targets, and when the root letters embedded in them consisted of a legal root morpheme, they produced inhibition.

These results suggest that lexical space in alphabetic orthographies may be structured very differently in different languages if their morphological structure diverges qualitatively. In Hebrew, lexical space is organized according to root families rather than simple orthographic structure, so that all words derived from the same root are interconnected or clustered together, independent of overall orthographic similarity. Full Text Available Urokinase plasminogen activator receptor uPAR is a multidomain protein that plays important roles in the growth, invasion, and metastasis of a number of cancers.

In the present study, we examined the effects of administration of a monoclonal anti-uPAR antibody ATN- on prostate cancer progression in vitro and in vivo. We examined the effect of treatment of ATN- on human prostate cancer cell invasion, migration, proliferation, and regulation of intracellular signaling pathways. Treatment with ATN- resulted in a significant dose-dependent decrease in PC-3 cell invasion and migration without affecting cell doubling time.

In in vivo studies, ATN- caused a significant decrease in tumor volume and a marked reduction in skeletal lesions as determined by Faxitron x-ray and micro-computed tomography. Results from these studies provide compelling evidence for the continued development of ATN- as a potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of prostate and other cancers expressing uPAR.

Overt use of a tactile-kinesthetic strategy shifts to covert processing in rehabilitation of letter-by-letter reading. When their letter naming is also impaired, letter-by-letter reading is inaccurate and can render even single word reading very poor. All three patients required the additional practice in phase 2 to achieve significant improvement. Treatment did not target sentence level reading, yet two of the three patients became so adept that they could read entire sentences.

It further demonstrates that this treatment can alter cognitive processing such that words never specifically trained can be read in free vision without overtly using the trained strategy.

The data suggest that an important element in achieving. The survey is a part of Posiva Oy’s detailed investigation program for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. The assignment included the field work and data processing.

The report describes field operation, equipment as well as processing procedures and shows the obtained results and an analysis of their quality in the appendices. Writing more informative letters of reference. Writing a meaningful and valuable letter of reference is not an easy task.

Several factors influence the quality of any letter of reference. First, the accuracy and reliability of the writer’s impressions and judgment depend on how well he knows the individual being described. Second, the writer’s frame of reference, which is determined by the number of persons at the same level that he has worked with, will impact the context and significance of his beliefs and estimations.

Third, the letter -writing skills of the person composing the letter will naturally affect the letter. To support the other components of a candidate’s application, a letter of reference should provide specific examples of how an individual’s behavior or attitude compares to a reference group and should assess “intangibles” that are hard to glean from a curriculum vitae or from test scores. This report offers suggestions that should help physicians write more informative letters of reference.

Letters From Peplau. Hildegard Peplau, considered to be our first modern Nurse theorist and the Mother of Psychiatric Nursing, was a prolific writer, engaging in correspondence with colleagues and students who sought her professional and theoretical expertise. Through these letters , she influenced psychiatric nursing while maintaining a broad international network of professional colleagues.

An analysis of letters , written between and , provides insights into Peplau’s last decade of professional life and a model of how to support the next generation of nurse scholars. Using content analysis, 24 letters received between and were read, reread, and coded.

Recurring themes were identified. Three themes were identified. The letters depict Peplau’s keen intellect, her wide professional network, her leisure time spent with family and friends, and her own work to assure that her theoretical legacy continued.

Peplau’s insights continue to be relevant as psychiatric mental health nursing leaders engage in activities to support the next generation of scholars and leaders. The legibility of letters and words.

However, research indicates Is it possible to create a typeface where both letters and words have a high level of legibility or are those factors so different that they cannot be combined? Through a literature review Nonwords created by transposing two “adjacent” letters i. This fact poses problems for most computational models of word recognition e. ERP correlates of letter identity and letter position are modulated by lexical frequency.

The encoding of letter position is a key aspect in all recently proposed models of visual-word recognition. We analyzed the impact of lexical frequency on letter position assignment by examining the temporal dynamics of lexical activation induced by pseudowords extracted from words of different frequencies. For each word e. ERPs were recorded while participants read words and pseudowords in two tasks: Semantic categorization Experiment 1 and lexical decision Experiment 2. Behavioral responses in the lexical decision task paralleled this asymmetry.

The present findings impose constraints on computational and neural models of visual-word recognition. The letter knowledge assessment tool. There is a need to develop letter knowledge assessment tools to characterise the letter knowledge in Portuguese pre-schoolers and to compare it with pre-schoolers from other countries, but there are no tools for this purpose in Portugal.

This study includes data that has been gathered in two phases: pilot and main study. In the pilot study, an expert panel of six speech and language pathologists analysed the instrument. Content validity, internal consistency, reliability and contributing factors to performance were examined statistically. A modified Bland-Altman method revealed good agreement amongst evaluators. Significant differences were found between age groups with children increasing their letter knowledge with age.

In addition, they were better at identifying than at producing both letter names and letter sounds. We examined the effects of letter -transposition in Hebrew in three masked-priming experiments. Experiment 1 showed that…. Progesterone-associated proteins PP 12 and PP 14 in the human endometrium.

Two proteins, designated as PP 12 and PP 14 were originally isolated from soluble extracts of the human placenta and its adjacent membranes. Both proteins occur at high concentrations in human amniotic fluid, which is therefore an excellent source for purification. This is identical with that of somatomedin-binding protein purified from the amniotic fluid.

Human secretory endometrium synthesizes and secretes PP 12, and progesterone stimulates its secretion. PP 14 is a kDa glycoprotein.

Its N-terminal sequence shows homology to that of beta-lactoglobulins from various species. We have found PP 14 in the human endometrium, serum and milk. In ovulatory menstrual cycles, the concentration of PP 14 increases in endometrial tissue as the secretory changes advance. In serum, the PP 14 concentration begins to rise later than the progesterone levels, and high serum PP 14 levels are maintained for the first days of the next cycle.

By contrast, no elevation of serum PP 14 level is seen in anovulatory cycles. Our results show that progesterone-associated proteins are synthesized by the human endometrium and appear in the peripheral circulation, where they can be quantitatively measured using immunochemical techniques. Letter Dice. Technical Note No. Letter and syllable dice devised for a project in rural Ecuador provide inexpensive, easily reproducible learning materials for practice in basic literary skills.

Eleven wooden cubes with six letters on each cube are cast onto a surface and the player constructs words from the letters on the top side of the dice. After a word is formed and…. Letter to the parliament:. This piece was a letter directed towards various ministers in the parliament, targeted at raising a discussion on the values in the education of architects in Denmark and various related topics Resource Letter : GW Global warming.

This Resource Letter provides a guide to the literature on the possibility of a human-induced climate change—a global warming. Journal articles and books are cited for the following topics: the Greenhouse Effect, sources of infrared-trapping gases, climate models and their uncertainties, verification of climate models, past climate changes, and economics, ethics, and politics of policy responses to climate change. The letter I, for intermediate level, indicates material of somewhat more specialized nature, and the letter A indicates rather specialized or advanced material.

Implied reading direction and prioritization of letter encoding. Capacity limits hinder processing of multiple stimuli, contributing to poorer performance for identifying two briefly presented letters than for identifying a single letter. Higher accuracy is typically found for identifying the letter on the left, which has been attributed to a right-hemisphere dominance for selective attention.

Here, we use rapid serial visual presentation RSVP of letters in two locations at once. The letters to be identified are simultaneous and cued by rings. In the first experiment, we manipulated implied reading direction by rotating or mirror-reversing the letters to face to the left rather than to the right. The left-side performance advantage was eliminated.

Again consistent with an effect of implied reading direction, performance was better for the top position in the downward condition, but not in the upward condition. In both experiments, mixture modeling of participants’ report errors revealed that attentional sampling from the two locations was approximately simultaneous, ruling out the theory that the letter on one side was processed first, followed by a shift of attention to sample the other letter.

Thus, the orientation of the letters apparently controls not when the letters are sampled from the scene, but rather the dynamics of a subsequent process, such as tokenization or memory consolidation. Implied reading direction appears to determine the letter prioritized at a high-level processing bottleneck. In some circumstances, a letter or other written form of communication to the contractor may be adequate postaward Early on during word recognition, letter positions are not accurately coded.

Evidence for this comes from transposed- letter TL priming effects, in which letter strings generated by transposing two adjacent letters e. Launch of Zoological Letters. A new open-access journal, Zoological Letters , was launched as a sister journal to Zoological Science, in January The new journal aims at publishing topical papers of high quality from a wide range of basic zoological research fields.

This review highlights the notable reviews and research articles that have been published in the first year of Zoological Letters , providing an overview on the current achievements and future directions of the journal. In this article, we use the medium of a narrative dialogue to represent and re-examine our reflective letter -writing method.

The dialogue draws attention to key features of reflective letter -writing as a collaborative autoethnographic research method and, in so doing, highlights and explores the nature, potential significance, and challenges of this method.

Our discussion points to the value of a collaborative process of reflective letter -writing as a way for researchers to access and portray emotional aspects of their research experience, to deepen their engagement with these emotional dimensions, and to gain insight into their own and others’ lived research experiences. The pavement is one of the basic parts of the road infrastructure. The development model is depending on the PCI value of sample sections having The filtering and outlier analysis was done by using a polynomial fourth-degree constrained least squared for statistical process.

The result of the prediction model of PCI shows that it is valid to be used in the prediction of the condition of pavement for the same family type. Stated objectives are to enable students to type a mailable letter ; to inspect,…. Full Text Available Starting from the hypothesis that printed word identification initially involves the parallel mapping of visual features onto location-specific letter identities, we analyze the type of information that would be involved in optimally mapping this location-specific orthographic code onto a location-invariant lexical code.

We assume that some intermediate level of coding exists between individual letters and whole words, and that this involves the representation of letter combinations. We then investigate the nature of this intermediate level of coding given the constraints of optimality. This intermediate level of coding is expected to compress data while retaining as much information as possible about word identity. Information conveyed by letters is a function of how much they constrain word identity and how visible they are.

Optimization of this coding is a combination of minimizing resources using the most compact representations and maximizing information. We show that in a large proportion of cases, non-contiguous letter sequences contain more information than contiguous sequences, while at the same time requiring less precise coding.

Moreover, we found that the best predictor of human performance in orthographic priming experiments was within-word ranking of conditional probabilities, rather than average conditional probabilities. We conclude that from an optimality perspective, readers learn to select certain contiguous and non-contiguous letter combinations as information that provides the best cue to word identity.

Writing More Informative Letters of Reference. Third, the letter Phenomenon: Fourth-year medical students obtain Department of Medicine DOM letters “Chair” letters to support their residency applications.

Writing and interpreting DOM letters are challenging. There is heterogeneity in the letters that makes it difficult to both write and read these letters. The purpose of this study is to determine the value of new guidelines developed by a task force of clerkship directors and program directors in internal medicine and assess the implementation of these guidelines. The Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine performed a cross-sectional survey of internal medicine clerkship directors at U.

In addition, the primary author’s institution reviewed 1, DOM letters between and to assess the implementation of these guidelines. DOM letter writers reported the guidelines were better, easier to implement, and more compatible with the purpose of DOM letters than previously. Most letter readers reported that letters using the guidelines were more credible. Writers of DOM letters in lower academic ranks rated the letters with guidelines higher in several domains than those in higher academic ranks.

Readers of DOM letters in higher academic ranks rated the letters with guidelines higher in several domains than those in lower academic ranks. In the DOM letters examined, the odds of meeting each guideline increased with each additional year.

However, for 3 guidelines there was an initial decline in adherence from to before increasing again in the recommended length, clerkship description, and detailed narrative guidelines. Letters solely written by a chair were less likely to incorporate the guidelines. Insights: Clerkship directors often write the DOM letters and identify with the purpose of the guidelines. As writers, lower ranking academic faculty value the guidelines more than higher ranking academic faculty.

As readers of DOM letters. A comparison of pp and pp elastic scattering at 90 degrees. A study of low momentum antiproton-proton interactions in the momentum range 0. An observation of one property of the data when compared with pp elastic scattering within the framework of quark- parton models is presented. The pp and pp systems, related by crossing symmetry, provided significant constraints on any particular model. Book Review 1. Book Title: Histocompatibility Testing Book Author: P.

Terasaki Ed. Copenhagen: Munksgaard. Book Review 2. Book Author: A. Springfield, Ill. Charles C. Investigation of exotic modes of spinning nuclei nearZr Uitgeverij De Arbeiders- pers, Amsterdam, , pp.

Met aante- keninge [ pp. In het die skrywer van hierdie studie, op grond van ‘n proefskrif oor die doelbewuste aankweek van die Hitlerlegende tot ,. Maritime Geo-Fence Letter Report. Johnson Distribution Statement A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

July Report No. The role of sensorimotor learning in the perception of letter -like forms: tracking the causes of neural specialization for letters. Functional specialization in the brain is considered a hallmark of efficient processing.

It is therefore not surprising that there are brain areas specialized for processing letters. To better understand the causes of functional specialization for letters , we explore the emergence of this pattern of response in the ventral processing stream through a training paradigm. Previously, we hypothesized that the specialized response pattern seen during letter perception may be due in part to our experience in writing letters.

The work presented here investigates whether or not this aspect of letter processing-the integration of sensorimotor systems through writing-leads to functional specialization in the visual system.

To test this idea, we investigated whether or not different types of experiences with letter -like stimuli “pseudoletters” led to functional specialization similar to that which exists for letters. Neural activation patterns were measured using functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI before and after three different types of training sessions.

Participants were trained to recognize pseudoletters by writing, typing, or purely visual practice. Results suggested that only after writing practice did neural activation patterns to pseudoletters resemble patterns seen for letters. That is, neural activation in the left fusiform and dorsal precentral gyrus was greater when participants viewed pseudoletters than other, similar stimuli but only after writing experience.

Neural activation also increased after typing practice in the right fusiform and left precentral gyrus, suggesting that in some areas, any motor experience may change visual processing.

The results of this experiment suggest an intimate interaction among perceptual and motor systems during pseudoletter perception that may be extended to everyday letter perception. The production of pigments as secondary metabolites by microbes is known to vary by species and by physiological conditions within a single strain. The fungus strain Penicillium purpurogenum IAM has been found to produce violet pigment PP -V and orange pigment PP -O ,Monascus azaphilone pigment homologues, when grown under specific culture conditions.

The pigment production pattern of five strains cultivated in PP -V production medium was similar to that of strain IAM, and all violet pigments produced by these five strains were confirmed to be PP -V. Strains that did not produce pigment were also identified. Based on these results, two hypotheses for the alteration of pigment production of P. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Full Text Available The urokinase plasminogen activator receptor uPAR plays a role in tumor progression and has been proposed as a target for the treatment of cancer.

We recently described the development of a novel humanized monoclonal antibody that targets uPAR and has anti-tumor activity in multiple xenograft animal tumor models. This antibody, ATN- , does not inhibit ligand binding i. Guided by comparisons between primate and human uPAR, epitope mapping studies were performed using several orthogonal techniques.

Systematic site directed and alanine scanning mutagenesis identified the region of aa of uPAR as the epitope for ATN- No known function has previously been attributed to this epitope Structural insights into epitope recognition were obtained from structural studies of the Fab fragment of ATN- bound to uPAR. These studies reveal a new functional epitope on uPAR involved in tumor progression and demonstrate a previously unrecognized strategy for the therapeutic targeting of uPAR.

Finsler pp -waves. In this work we present a Finslerian version of the well-known pp -waves, which generalizes the very special relativity VSR line element. Our Finsler pp -waves are an exact solution of Finslerian Einstein’s equations in vacuum.

Describes a three-part assignment in which each student writes a complaint letter and an adjustment letter responding to another student’s complaint letter. Discusses how the third part of the assignment–journal entries–allows students to formulate their own criteria for excellent letters based upon their reactions to the letters they receive. Gluon ladders in pp pp -bar collisions. Full text follows: We study the contribution of a finite sum of gluon ladders to the hadronic processes showing that a reliable description is obtained using two order on perturbation theory.

The pp pp -bar total cross sections are described with good agreement, consistent with unitarity bound. We also calculate the elastic scattering amplitude at non zero momentum transfer t, introducing two distinct Ansatz for the proton impact factor.

As a by product the elastic differential cross section is obtained at small t approximation and compared with the data. Examines how metadiscourse is used to create a positive corporate image in CEOs’ letters , showing how CEOs use nonpropositional material to realize rational, credible, and affective appeals. Reveals the essentially rhetorical nature of CEOs’ letters by comparing the frequency and distribution of metadiscourse in their letters and directors’….

The measurements described in this report are part of the infiltration experiment carried out at Olkiluoto. The emphasis of these measurements is on obtaining more detailed data on hydraulically significant fractures in the infiltration experiment area.

Two different flowmeters were used for the measurements. The most recent measurements were conducted in Those measurements were carried out when drillhole OL-KR14 was pumped at packed-off section 13 m – 18 m. A very lively woman of fashion, she was close to Queen Charlotte and one of the Bluestocking Ladies.

She left a vivid portrait of life and society in eighteenth century England and Ireland in the six volumes of her Autobiography and Letters , edited in by her descendant Lady Llanover.

Her autobiography is made up of 18 letters sent to her most intimate friend, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Portland. The first letter is dated , but in this, as in the following ones, Mrs. Delany narrates her past life to her friend, starting from the early years of her life, describing her unhappy marriage, financial difficulties as a widow, and family relationships.

Delany is dealing with. The aim of this paper is to focus on the textual, linguistic and content differences between the two letter types, and analyse how the identity of Mary Delany is differently constructed and perceived in the explicit autobiographical letters addressed to the Duchess of Portland, and the ones written to her sister.

Letters of reference are commonly used in acquiring a job in education. Despite serious issues of validity and reliability in writing and evaluating letters , there is a dearth of research that systematically examines the evaluation process and defines the constructs that define high quality letters.

The current study used NVivo to examine …. Sixty-Minute Review of Letter Writing. The article describes a one-hour presentation which provides a basic stereotyped pattern of letter organization for the four types of letters order, request, claim, and reply the business of secretarial student is most likely to have to write.

The four paragraphs of the pattern are: purpose, explanation, optional, and closing. Rapid progress is being made in the understanding of PP 2A complex and its functions. Emerging studies have correlated changes in PP 2A with human diseases, especially cancer. PP 2A is comprised of 3 subunits: a catalytic subunit, a scaffolding subunit, and a regulatory subunit.

The alternations of the subunits have been shown to be in association with many human malignancies. This review focuses on PP 2A structure, cancer-associated mutations, and the targeting of PP 2A-related molecules to restore or reactivate PP 2A in anticancer therapy, especially in digestive system cancer therapy. Polypropylene PP ‘s low impact strength limits its usages.

Adding some a rare earth polymer can enhance PP ‘s tensile strength and impact strength. Acrylic lanthanum was prepared by the reaction between lanthanum oxide and acrylic acid. Lanthanum containing Polymer were added into PP.

SEM shows the compatibility of rare earth polymer and PP ; lanthanum containing polymer can form physical crosslinking between PP ‘s molecules, then every particle’s surface connect with several PP molecules and the PP mechanical property were enhanced.

Nuclear trafficking of the human cytomegalovirus pp 71 pp UL82 tegument protein. John; Kerry, Julie A. The human cytomegalovirus tegument protein pp 71 localizes to the nucleus immediately upon infection, and functions to initiate viral gene expression.

Analysis of a series of random insertion mutations revealed that sequences within the mid region MR of pp 71 are important for localization to the nucleus. Fusion of MR sequences with eGFP revealed that amino acids 94 to were sufficient to target proteins to the nucleus.

Disruption of nuclear targeting resulted in relocalization of the fusion proteins to a distinct perinuclear region. Using tandem mass spectrometry, we determined that threonine can be phosphorylated. Mutation of this residue to a phosphomimetic amino acid resulted in abrogation of nuclear targeting. These results strongly suggest that the intracellular trafficking of pp 71 is regulated by phosphorylation. Initial and noninitial name- letter preferences as obtained through repeated letter rating tasks continue to reflect different aspects of self-esteem.

We tested the usefulness of name- letter preference scores as indirect indicators of self-esteem by exploring whether multiple unsupervised self-administrations of letter rating tasks within a short period of time yield useful data. We also examined whether preferences for initials and noninitial name- letters tap different aspects of self-esteem.

They also completed a trait self-esteem questionnaire on the first measurement day as well as 6 months later. Preference scores for first-name initials were stronger but more unstable than preference scores for other name- letters.

Preferences for first-name initials were primarily associated with directly measured state self-esteem whereas preferences for noninitials were primarily associated with directly measured trait self-esteem even if the latter was measured 6 months later.

Thus, we showed that preferences for initials and noninitials are not simply interchangeable. Previous letter rating studies, which almost exclusively used initial preferences, should be interpreted in terms of state rather than trait self-esteem. In future studies, researchers should focus on the name- letter preference that reflects the aspect of self-esteem they wish to address.

Advice letter on policy instruments renewable electricity. In a letter of July the Energy Council made recommendations for a policy framework with more obligations and fewer subsidies. This included the Energy Council’s advice to investigate whether the introduction of a supplier obligation could play a major role in the realisation of the CO2 emission target of the Netherlands and increase the share of renewable energy in line with European agreements.

This advice letter deals with one aspect of the broader considerations: the share of renewable electricity and the kind of incentive framework that is needed to achieve the target concerned.

This letter closes with conclusions and recommendations. From minding your Ps and Qs to wondering why X should mark the spot, Alphabetical is a book for everyone who loves words and language. Whether it’s how letters are arranged on keyboards or Viking runes, textspeak or zip codes, this book will change the way you think about letters for ever. How on Earth did we fix upon our twenty-six letters , what do they really mean, and how did we come to write them down in the first place?

Michael Rosen takes you on an unforgettable adventure through the hi Analysis of pp and pp -bar elastic scattering amplitudes at high energies. Ferreira, E. Full text: A careful analysis of high energies elastic scattering data at 7 TeV for pp , – GeV for pp -bar and GeV for pp -bar in terms of its amplitudes has been performed as natural extension of previous analysis for lower energies. The disentanglement of the real and imaginary parts is written consistently with constraints from dispersion relations for amplitudes and for slopes, and also satisfying the universal asymptotic behavior for large t values due to the three gluon Exchange process.

It is predicted that future measurements at large t will be connected smoothly with the perturbative tail observed in the interval 5. It is stressed for the consistent description of elastic pp and pp -bar data and pointed out the importance of the future measurements in the Coulomb interference range and in the transition range to the perturbative tail where the perturbative and non-perturbative effects appears together.

Full Text Available Abstract The intensity of emotion and fluctuation of meaning in the poet’s mind causes him to go beyond the ordinary language and convey intellectual and emotional meanings through metaphors, similes and linguistic preparations. He has sharp eyes and a sensitive spirit and creative temperament and attempts strengthening his own literary language and creating personal style by inventing novel images, showing the creativity and imagination and entering in various arenas of imagination.

This point more than anything else could be done by presenting images and new figures. Perhaps in the sixth century, and especially in Azerbaijani school, more than other periods, poets have been looking for creating innovative style in eloquence.

Their major attempts were mainly in imaging, a wide field that they have competed. It is obvious that in this illustration the alphabet letters would be very helpful. Khaghani’s Divan of poetry, as one of the greatest poets of this school, is the perfect poetical book of paintings in which meaning has been hidden under a delicate pattern and new different scientific, cultural and religious images.

Letters are a broad range of elements that put a new field in front of the poet and he is aware of the potential features of the letters , new images, and artistic creativity techniques as well. Letter have a double and even multiple application in Khaghani’s poetic works divan and moreover the construction of words and conveying meaning which is the real and common usage, they were used as artistic instruments.

Letter position coding across modalities: the case of Braille readers. The question of how the brain encodes letter position in written words has attracted increasing attention in recent years.

A number of models have recently been proposed to accommodate the fact that transposed- letter stimuli like jugde or caniso are perceptually very close to their base words.

Here we examined how letter position coding is attained in the tactile modality via Braille reading. The idea is that Braille word recognition may provide more serial processing than the visual modality, and this may produce differences in the input coding schemes employed to encode letters in written words. We found a word-frequency effect for words. In addition, unlike parallel experiments in the visual modality, we failed to find any clear signs of transposed- letter confusability effects.

This dissociation highlights the differences between modalities. The present data argue against models of letter position coding that assume that transposed- letter effects in the visual modality occur at a relatively late, abstract locus. Digit and letter alexia in carbon monoxide poisoning. This study examined a year-old patient with delayed encephalopathy, who was admitted to hospital with complaints of headache and visual impairment 1 week after acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

The results of a visual field assessment, electroencephalography and head magnetic resonance imaging indicated damage to the cerebral cortex. After a 2-week treatment period, the patient had recovered from the visual impairment, but exhibited digit- and letter -reading difficulty. The Chinese aphasia battery and the number and letter battery supplement were conducted.

The results revealed that the patient exhibited digit and letter alexia, while the ability to read Chinese characters was preserved. In contrast, the patient exhibited a deficit in Chinese character writing, while number and letter writing remained intact.

Following treatment, reading and writing ability was improved and electroencephalographic abnormalities were ameliorated. Overall, our experimental findings demonstrated that delayed encephalopathy following acute carbon monoxide poisoning was characterized by digit and letter alexia. In discussing letter -writing methods for business communication classes, the article explains that claim letter formats other than the direct approach are not only legitimate, but also effective, and suggests that the approach selected should depend upon the circumstances surrounding the claim.

Culture and subculture in transactional letter writing. We examined the letters accompanying articles initially submitted for publication by 26 NSE and 23 NNSE academics, and compared them with ef In this paper, the effect of the compatibilisers-dispersants and other nanofillers on melt spinning of the polypropylene PP composites, containing carbon nanotubes CNTs , and carbon black pigment CBP has been investigated. Further, the structure and selected properties of composite fibers, such as mechanical and electrical have been studied.

It is based on perturbative QCD plus phenomenological models for jet and beam jet fragmentation. One part of the composites was manufactured by direct thermoplastic mixing PP with the filler, but the other one was made from solution casted masterbatch with the following thermoplastic mixing.

An increase of mechanical properties Young’s modulus, storage modulus and tensile strength , compared to an increase of glass transition temperature indicated a reinforcement effect of CNTs on PP matrix, determined from the tensile tests and differential mechanical analysis DMA , while the elongation was reduced, compared to PP matrix.

By differential scanning calorimetry DSC analysis, the effect of nanofiller on the reorganization of PP crystallites was observed. A noticeable enhanced effect on increase of the crystallization temperature was indicated for masterbatch manufactured composite.

An increase of thermal stability was also observed, compared to pristine PP and the composite made by direct thermoplastic mixing PP with the filler. Particles and nuclei, letters. Over the last decade Grid PP has gone from a mere proposal to almost 30, CPUs working for researchers scattered across the globe. The main meeting was held over 2 days in the IT auditorium and was the perfect opportunity to have contributions from experts based at CERN, alongside those from within Grid PP.

Bach, P. A carbon polarimeter spin-analyzed the scattered proton, 3 MWPC’s tracked the recoil charged particle and a 3. Full Text Available The question of how the brain encodes letter position in written words has attracted increasing attention in recent years. Experimental test of contemporary mathematical models of visual letter recognition. A letter confusion experiment that used brief durations manipulated payoffs across the four stimulus letters , which were composed of line segments equal in length.

The observers were required to report the features they perceived as well as to give a letter response. The early feature-sampling process is separated from the later letter -decision process in the substantive feature models, and predictions are thus obtained for the frequencies of feature report as well as letter report. Four substantive visual feature-processing models are developed and tested against one another and against three models of a more descriptive nature. The substantive models predict the decisional letter report phase much better than they do the feature-sampling phase, but the best overall 4 X 4 letter confusion matrix fits are obtained with one of the descriptive models, the similarity choice model.

The present and other recent results suggest that the assumption that features are sampled in a stochastically independent manner may not be generally valid. The traditional high-threshold conceptualization of feature sampling is also falsified by the frequent reporting by observers of features not contained in the stimulus letter.

The evidence for the effectiveness of the first letter mnemonic technique is confused. There are at least three studies showing no effect, and one where an improvement in recall occurred. Reports two experiments which attempted to locate the conditions under which the first letter mnemonic is effective.

An institution may award a fellowship to a student for— 1 One Extra-large letter spacing improves reading in dyslexia. Although the causes of dyslexia are still debated, all researchers agree that the main challenge is to find ways that allow a child with dyslexia to read more words in less time, because reading more is undisputedly the most efficient intervention for dyslexia. Sophisticated training programs exist, but they typically target the component skills of reading, such as phonological awareness.

After the component skills have improved, the main challenge remains that is, reading deficits must be treated by reading more—a vicious circle for a dyslexic child.

Here, we show that a simple manipulation of letter spacing substantially improved text reading performance on the fly without any training in a large, unselected sample of Italian and French dyslexic children. Extra-large letter spacing helps reading, because dyslexics are abnormally affected by crowding, a perceptual phenomenon with detrimental effects on letter recognition that is modulated by the spacing between letters.

Extra-large letter spacing may help to break the vicious circle by rendering the reading material more easily accessible. Letters of reference are widely used as an essential part of the hiring process of newly licensed teachers. While the predictive validity of these letters of reference has been called into question it has never been empirically studied.

The current study examined the predictive validity of the quality of letters of reference for forty-one student…. Teaching letter sounds to kindergarten English language learners using incremental rehearsal. Proficiency in letter -sound correspondence is important for decoding connected text. This study examined the effects of an evidence-based intervention, incremental rehearsal IR , on the letter -sound expression of three kindergarten English language learners ELLs performing below the district benchmark for letter -sound fluency.

Participants were native speakers of Hmong, Spanish, and Polish. A multiple-baseline design across sets of unknown letter sounds was used to evaluate the effects of IR on letter -sound expression. Visual analysis of the data showed an increase in level and trend when IR was introduced in each phase.

All participants exceeded expected growth and reached the spring district benchmark for letter -sound fluency. Results suggest that IR is a promising intervention for increasing letter -sound expression for ELLs who evidence delays in acquiring letter sounds.

We certify that the wording of this letter of credit is identical to the wording specified in 40 CFR Particles and Nuclei, Letters. The elaboration of motor programs for the automation of letter production. We investigated how children learn to write letters. Letter writing evolves from stroke-by-stroke to whole- letter programming.

At ages 6 and 7 movement duration, dysfluency and trajectory increased with stroke number. This indicates that the motor program they activated mainly coded information on stroke production. Stroke number affected the older children’s production much less, suggesting that they programmed stroke chunks or the whole letter. The fact that movement duration and dysfluency decreased from ages 6 to 8, and remained stable at ages 8 and 9 suggests that automation of letter writing begins at age 8.

Peer assessment of outpatient consultation letters — feasibility and satisfaction. Full Text Available Abstract Background Written correspondence is one of the most important forms of communication between health care providers, yet there is little feedback provided to specialists.

The objective of this study was to determine the feasibility and satisfaction of a peer assessment program on consultation letters and to determine inter-rater reliability between family physicians and specialists. Methods A rating scale of nine 5-point Likert scale items including specific content, style items, education value of the letter and an overall rating was developed from a previous validated tool.

Two Internal Medicine specialists, and 2 family physicians from the other centre rated each letter to protect writer anonymity. A satisfaction survey was sent to each writer and rater after collation of the results. A follow-up survey was sent 6—8 months later. Results There was a high degree of satisfaction with the process and feedback. Raters rank ordered letters similarly Cronbach’s alpha 0.

At site 1 there were significant differences in scoring brevity p Conclusion Most participants found peer assessment of letters feasible and beneficial and longstanding changes occurred in some individuals. Family physicians and specialists appear to have different expectations on some items.

Further studies on reliability and validity, with a larger sample, are required before high stakes professional assessments include consultation letters. Forward diffraction amplitude of pp and pp elastic scattering at accelerator energies. A simple relation between the total cross section and the forward exponential slope of the elastic differential cross section of pp and pp scattering is indicated. An interpretation of this relation is presented as the formation of a black-disk structure for the elastic diffraction interaction of hadron-hadron scattering at the nonasymptotic energy region.

Pseudo-synesthesia through reading books with colored letters. A relatively common type of synesthesia involves perception of color when viewing letters e. In this study, we examine whether traits typically regarded as markers of synesthesia can be acquired by simply reading in color.

A modified Stroop task was administered before and after reading. A perceptual crowding task was administered after reading. Readers did not show significant performance advantages on the crowding task compared to controls.

Acknowledging the many differences between trainees and synesthetes, results suggest that it may be possible to acquire a subset of synesthetic behavioral traits in adulthood through training. Reading in color appears to be a promising avenue in which we may explore the differences and similarities between synesthetes and non-synesthetes. Additionally, reading in color is a plausible method for a long-term ‘synesthetic’ training program. Letter of Map Revision.

Sprague Phone: URL: www. PCI Global Inc. We even simulate people; some effective – some not. PCI Global has found a way to use this new learning technology to blend the business, competitive and leadership skills needed to lead a department toward increased productivity, on-going customer service, and continuously improving quality and profitability — while having fun. Participants, organized into small teams, make decisions via the simulation based on the concepts taught in class.

Personal computers analyze decisions made and provide immediate feedback on results; so participants learn the way adults learn best – from the consequences of their decisions.

Peachtree is a full service integrator offering products and services nationwide to both commercial and government clients. Pearl Software, Inc. Our focus is to equip organizations with software tools that can help responsibly monitor Internet use in order to protect organizations and manage inappropriate use.

Penta Corp. Pent provides ADA compliant voice and visual announcement systems and software, integrated dispatch systems and consoles, station announcement controllers and communications products. Our broad customer base includes global technology companies in the communications, defense and homeland security, and commercial markets. Serving the industry for nearly 25 years, our complete line of embedded and system-level products enables equipment manufacturers and service providers to offer highly available and fully managed systems with time-to-market, performance and cost advantages.

Performance Technologies is headquartered in Rochester, New York. Since PERL Technologies has been applying engineering expertise to the transfer of technologies from the research and development environment to the ultimate marketplace. In addition to demonstrated design and production capabilities, PERL Technologies has expertise in analysis to support overall project objectives. Structural, thermal, and vibration analysis, as well as simulations, are used to augment the production process.

Perle Systems Inc. These products are used to connect remote users reliably and securely to central servers for a wide variety of business applications. Perle distinguishes itself through extensive networking technology, depth of experience in major real-world network environments and long-term distribution and VAR channel. Petroleum Telcom, Inc has over 20 years experience in the microwave and two-way communications industry. Sales of network equipment, data storage products, data communications equipment.

Phoenix Corporate Services, Inc. Cann Phone: URL: phoneconference. Accessories for cellular and two-way. Jones Phone: URL: www. We are the premier resource for companies engaged in profitdriven asset management. PICS Telecom has over , square feet of warehouse space in Rochester, New York and a Nevada warehouse filled with central office, transmission, data and customer premise equipment. We have one of the broadest inventories in the industry with new and de-installed equipment from all the leading manufacturers.

All the equipment we sell is thoroughly checked and tested on-site at our ISO-certified lab, and comes warranted. Furthermore, as an ISO registered company, PICS Telecom is committed to providing a quality business experience for our business partners and valued customers. Our comprehensive test lab has been expanded to insure quality from our warehouse to our customers site. Our value proposition is to become one of your most valuable resources and to help prime contractors save money on telecom and data products used to fulfill government contracts.

We are a Sony conferencing distributor. We also carry Polycom We carry a wide selection of system, peripheral and feature-upgrade items for all your audio-video and data-conferencing needs.

We also provide turnkey solutions for plug and play videoconferencing. Services include consulting, telecommunications, connectivity and product integration. PicturePhone Direct Inc.

Our on-line catalog provides the convenience of one stop shopping and features a full range of videoconferencing products. We carry a wide selection of peripherals and feature-upgrade items for all your audio-video and data-conferencing needs. PTZ cameras, document cameras, audio enhancements and more! Pinnacle Management Group, Inc. This includes a the Team Scorecard, which measures an organizations culture and depicts cause and effect. Pinnacle Technical Resources, Inc.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best in routing, conversion, fiber, test and sync equipment. We provide consulting services on affordable housing policy and practices.

And we revise documents so that ordinary citizens can understand them without having to hire an attorney. Plant Equipment, Inc.

During the past three decades, PEI has developed a family of telecommunications technologies that have consistently set industry standards. PEI products are designed to provide superior performance for the all-important end-user. We design, engineer, construct, install and maintain voice and data equipment and networks for wired and wireless service providers, private networks and government agencies. In addition to services, we also provide industry-leading OEM products: material management, logistics, distribution, fulfillment and VAR services from regional facilities.

Point To Point Communications, Inc. We have manufactured lightning protection devices since ; and are widely recognized as the authority on surge protection in the telecom industry.

Our reputation is based on our involvment in every facet of communications from grounding techniques, training seminars, to board level design, as well as, our ability to customize solutions for a variety of high-tech applications. We have worked directly with nearly every major communications OEM, military contractor, and government agency.

We offer world class experience, battle tested technologies and an unmatched commitment to our customers satisfaction. Port City Communications Inc. Credit card issuing, fulfillment 24hr turn around. Wisbauer Phone: URL: www. Power Depot Inc. To learn more about PPL Telcom please visit us. Services include program management, media relations, research, strategic planning and writing.

Projects include event coverage, story development, cause marketing campaigns, sales presentations and other collateral brochuers, newsletters and other communications tools , fundraising support, public affiars and crisis management plans. We specialize in targeting supplier diversity, multicultural audiences, business-to-business development, corporate communications and lifestyle marketing. Our training programs address the three areas which form the backbone of organizational communication: composition process, language structure, and media mastery.

Attendees learn how to target their written messages and how to organize ideas for easy access. They understand how to organize information for people who read on the screen and how to choose the best medium for each specific message. Registered to ISO Available in temperatures up to Deg. Precision Signs, Inc. Precitech Precision, Inc. Davis Phone: URL: www. Precitech also provides related form measurement metrology and OEM components for the precision bearing, aircraft and automotive industries.

Predicate Logic Inc. We are a privately held high technology engineering service company with specializations in network hardware and integration, network baselining, navy-wide communications systems, software development, network engineering and design, custom on-site training, vulnerability assessments, homeland security and more. Our Defense Information Technology Division located in Chesapeake, Virginia specializes in networking hardware and software integration engineering services.

We are specialists in Navy-wide communications systems providing leading edge solutions. These solutions provide IP connectivity to units of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets, both pier-side and underway. The Predicate Logic engineering staff represents decades of experience developing and modifying submarine and satellite communication systems in support of fleet and SPAWAR Systems programs. We serve energy, communications and cable television customers in the U.

We also provide products for special industry applications that are in addition to our primary markets. Our expertise in design reliability, network integration, voice systems, and procurement analysis allows us to offer our clients complete product lifecycle support. Prime Net, Inc. Feldman Phone: URL: www. A Woman Owned Small Business with on site warehousing. Distributor for telecommunications equipment, networking equipment and strategic relationships with cable installation business and Hub-Zone businesses.

Offering competitive pricing and delivery and a professional pre- and post-sales staff. PrimeStock, a division of Sel-Tronics, Inc. We also provide technical assistance related to fiber, copper, Free Space Optics and power material. COM low voltage wiring, burg alarms, fire alarms, cameras, access control, sound, audio video. Priority Networks, Inc. Our services include internet access, telecommunications access and technical support services. Witkowski Phone: URL: www. Sound ,Lighting and Video systems design and installation.

Minority owned. Sell batteries, laptop, tool, wheelchair, phones. Service of MHz dispatch system throughout AZ. Mountain top repeater site serviceInstallation mobile phones and radios. Process Communications, Inc. Taibi Kahler;s Process Communication Model. We help organizations enhance profitability by improving management, communications and motivation techniques, thereby reducing stress and increasing productivity and morale.

Large Quantity discounts, Nationwide shipping. Power Phone: URL: wedoradios. Our pricing is very competitive. We design, install and maintain the following systems: Building power, switchgear and distribution; emergency power, generators, ups systems; CCTV, Fire alarm and Access Control systems; copper and fiber voice and data systems; indoor and outdoor lighting.

Gartner Phone: URL: www. We are a top secret security cleared shop, we specialize in top secret, hard to find skill sets. Simulators, books, videos, consulting, workshops for police, fire and EMS agencies to include military base communications. Professional Pride, Inc. Professional Software Associates, Inc. PSA has over a decade of graphics experience for embedded and desktop systems. PSA is headquartered in Michigan, serving domestic and International locations. PSA follows a disciplined software development process, based on IEEE standards, that is centered on the successful delivery of quality software products and applications for customers.

Professional Solutions, Inc. Herndon, VA Contact name: Dr. Heather Brown, M. Phone: URL: www. Our H. We also develop computerbased and classroom training curriculum. We manage Career Transition centers.

Provides both wired and wireless technology solutions for monitoring and control. Projects Unlimited, Inc. Projects Unlimited offers audio products for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications including telecommunications, computers, industrial equipment, bar code systems, medical instruments and many more.

Corporate offices, as well as product development, engineering, sales and customer service are located in the United States. Prometheus Methods Tower Service, Inc. Services include new construction, installation of lines and antennas, repair and maintenance of existing equipment, inspections, replacing guy wires, painting and relamps. Call for references. Pack your sales with power prospects You can win with the right contacts Gain access to over , top IT executives and decision makers Bring you prospective customers to you!

Telemarketing Services are designed to generate sales leads, set appointments, market research, surveys including statistical analysis , driving new customers to your web site, trial subscriptions, database or mailing list purge, business development, point-of-sale product promotion, seminar and.

Complete and customizable sales support tailored to you company core competency and target market. Our sales professional will get the job done for you! Contact us at: info prospectorcorp. Proteus Technical Solutions, Inc. Upgraded to match the 1, lb increased payload of the M Hummer.

Specialize in standardized mobile systems that can interchageably be made either, fixed site, DOT transportable, marine transportable and air C transportable.

Protium Technologies, Inc. Gawlik Phone: URL: www. Protogate, Inc. ProVizion, Inc. Knoxville, TN Contact name: J. Mikkelsen Phone: URL: www. The following business profile presents the background for national market rationale; the underlying assumptions for rapid expansion; and the potential economic returns associated with a recognized, explosive growth industry. ProVizion was created to be an alternative to the interconnect companies by providing long range inter-personal stability.

ProVizion is the result of a dynamic and elite group of individuals forming a communications company by providing an optimum alternative solution within the commercial and Federal sector, at low costs, without jeopardizing. The global capabilities of ProVizion are in concert with the goals of the Information System market. ProVizion encompasses three interrelated and cross-marketed business-operating activities supported by the high level expertise inherent in the industry.

Our systems enable a variety of wireless applications including security and surveillance systems, mobile workforce automation and machine-to-machine communications. We have shipped more than 1. Proxim is ISO certified. PTI Provides mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering to institutional, industrial, pharmaceutical and telecommunications clients. PPA serves clients in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors at the national, state, and local levels by conducting research, analysis, and evaluation that supports informed strategic decision making.

Several PPA projects have produced reports intended for Congress, including projects conducted on behalf of the U. Department of Education and the U. Small Business Administration. In addition, as a former legislator, Jeffrey D. Padden, President of PPA, is quite familiar with the sorts of information resources that members of Congress and their staff need and value. PPA is a small, flexible, and nimble firm that is accustomed to quick turnaround and experienced in meeting tight planning and implementation timelines for projects.

PPA staff have extensive experience in various qualitative and quantitative research methods including telephone and self-administered surveys and focus group research.

Often, we are called upon to help our clients develop internal capacity to carry out or use research. We have also conducted sophisticated statistical analysis of large, complex data bases for many projects. Our team has long-standing research relationships with several clients, based on the quality of our initial work with them. Puleo Electronics, Inc. The companies equipment has been deployed extensively at U.

Recent product offerings include dial-up data monitors to monitor the service port of Northern Telecom Meridian switchs. We specialize in systems design and analysis, custom hardware and software development, network system design and implementation, real-time system development, integration of commercial offthe-shelf hardware and software solutions, system testing and technical documentation. Siksay Phone: URL: www. Customer satisfaction! In a cost-effective manner! Performance excellence in everything we do!

We recognize that organizations that focus only on keeping abreast of technological advancements risk comprising quality and integrity. As such, we offer much more than technical expertise on emerging trends. That means that quality and customer satisfaction are more than just words to us.

We concentrate on our ability to deliver elegant solutions to complex problems in a cost-effective manner. Quad Knopf, Inc. With over thirty years of experience and a staff of more than in five offices in California and Nevada, Quad Knopf serves cities, counties, special districts, school districts, colleges and universities, oil exploration and development companies, telecommunications companies and other private development clients.

Quality Network Services, Inc. Quality Telecommunication Services, Inc. Quality Wiring, Inc. QualityLogic Inc. The Company is an innovator of leading-edge products and services for quality assurance and quality control operations. QualityLogic s testing services and tools focus on the conformance, performance, and interoperability testing needs of its customers, from low level firmware testing, to high level multi-tier application testing.

We have over 37 years experience building these products right the first time. We work in all metals and plastics, in quantities from proto-type through production. Quantex Industries, Inc. We send our vans to the customer premises to calibrate communications testing equipment equipment that is rack-mounted. We manufacture a line of high voltage tone generating equipment. We manage inventories of critical equipment for large communications companies, providing advanced exchange of this equipment to their field froces.

Quantex is a small, minority-owned hispanic company. Quantum Tele-Communications, Inc. Our generators are in use in cryptographic systems, including satellite communications, gaming, lottery, modeling and random test selection.

Quantum World is a world leader in RNG technology and applications. Log on to see samples at www. Quest Microwave, Inc. QuickSilver Controls, Inc. WIN can be used with pagers, cell phones, landline phones and most any wireless communications. Quintech Electronics and Communications, Inc.

Quintum Technologies, Inc. Tenor is a versatile VoIP solution that can be deployed in a variety of applications with less disruption to the existing voice network infrastructure than any VoIP gateway in the market. MultiPath architecture makes Tenor not only the easiest, most cost effective solution to deploy, but also allows the Tenor to provide greater benefits than a VoIP gateway, such as hop off calling, branch office survivability, and re-routing of calls based on poor QoS or IVR input.

We analyze communication processes, write complicated information in plain English, and train staff with completely customized workshops on how to write clearly, correctly and appropriately for their diverse audiences in print and electronically. Rea Corp. COM R. REA is certified by the U. REA has received a number of awards and letters of commendations for outstanding services.

Products and Services Offered IT Facility Operations and Maintenance 2. Database Planning and Design3. IT Systems Analysis and Design 5. IT Network Management Services 6. Programming Services 7. IT Data Conversion Services 8.

Systems Installation9. Telecommunications Support Services. Biometrics, and systems integration. Controls projects. Design-Build Electrical Projects. Turnkey Electrical Projects. RaBo Industries Co. Radar Systems Technology, Inc.

Our territory is outsideof the United States of America. Radbit Computers, Inc. Radiofrequency Safety International Corp. Senior members of the RSI staff have an average of 25 years of general industry safety and telecommunications expertise. Our flexibility in providing custom programs allows for different organizations needs to be met in the most timely and cost efficient manner..

Products include university based training, the Health and Safety video series, CD and internet based training. Testing at. Dedicated to performing only EMC services Radiometrics has helped customers around the world to achieve compliance with Aerospace, Commercial, Medical, Military, and Transportation Industry specifications. They are familiar with all types of electronic equipment and what it takes to correct any EMC problem.

RADirect specializes in selling telecommunication and data communication access equipment and security solutions. Five ruggedization options are offered.

With ICS and Octec now established within Radstone Embedded Computing, Radstone can also offer industry-leading solutions in data acquisition, digital signal processing, software radio, rugged, real-time video tracking and image processing systems. This dual functionality is attractive to enterprises and service providers that seek IP telephony solutions that support multimedia functionality for enhanced services.

Our products and technology have been integrated into IP communications systems developed by hundreds of communications equipment providers. Because our products and technology are broadly deployed across various segments of the IP communications industry, the interoperability of our products and technology with products from different vendors is virtually assured.

Improved Time to Market Our customers rely on our accumulated expertise with IP communications standards and core technology to significantly reduce their development cycle and improve time to market.

Communications equipment providers need standards-compliant building blocks to develop interoperable products for real-time voice and video communications over packet networks. Implementing standards is a complex task that requires in-depth technical know-how and expertise as well as substantial investments of time and resources. Our products and technology enable our customers to shorten their development time by integrating our proven enabling products and technology into their solutions. Broad Range of Product Environments Our products and technology provide all of the key network components necessary to build a real-time IP communications solutions.

Our customers have the flexibility to design individual products and applications or complete systems. Similarly, our enabling technology spans a broad range of product environments from chip sets and hand held devices to complex and powerful carrier class gateways and switches.

Radyne Com Stream Corp. The compnay, through the Tiernan subsidiary www. The Armer subsidiary www. Radyne ComStream Corp. The Xicom Technology subsidiary is a producer of high power amplifiers for communications applications. For more information, visit our web site at www. Additional information on Xicom is available at www. Ragini Communications Inc. Specializing in writing quick-turnaround Windows based software, and building Intel based custom computers, along with network support, consulting, and remote access troubleshooting and assistance via internet connection.

Ramex, Inc. We are staffed by highly professional technical personnel in communication systems and applications. Mission Statemant: To provide consistently high quality products and services to our customers, with emphasis on company expertise and selective core products, maintaining customer loyalty, increasing revenues while optimizing profitability, and actively promoting employee expertise, responsibility and participation at all levels.

Mitel, Lucent, Norstar telephone equipment, Dynaminc Instrument didgital call logger. Rancorn, Jr. For 42 years our firm has provided professional design of the highest caliber to clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. In-house capabilities include architecture, planning, landscape architecture, and interior space planning and design. Our in-house capabilities enable us to respond to projects of varied scale and nature, particularly those with unique programmatic objectives and a high level of design complexity.

We utilize the most current imaging, printing, and communications technologies. By integrating advanced technology with our design process, we are able to provide our clients with superior design that is delivered in a timely manner. The management of Rancorn Wildman is dedicated to client service and to the ideals of excellence and quality in both work and materials.

Whenever possible, effective alternatives are addressed allowing informed decisions based on quality, cost, and value. Whitcher Phone: URL: www. We also provide expert consulting services and methods based on proven software process improvement techniques and tools. We are dedicated to providing our customers small or large, government or commercial with innovative solutions that enable them to leverage information technology to solve the complex challenges posed by management, mobility and threats to the safeguard and protection of their most critical information assets.

Rauland-Borg Corp. Our ability to service global customers is enhanced through our alliances with strategic IT partners with international presence.

Raven Electric, Inc. We provide communications cabling systems, land mobile radios sales and service, exhaustive electrical inspections and maintenance, power quality studies, UPS systems sales and service, battery sales and service as well as many other specialized services. RAY Communications, Inc. HF radio equipment for long distance communications is used mainly by militaries and government agencies.

LMR equipment for short distance communications is used by federal and local government agencies, such as police and fire departments, railroads and other commercial businesses, and militaries worldwide. Provide communication project management and professional servicesProvide CCTV and intercom system installations. Simple and complete software is included with every instrument, and telemetry options are available.

Choose reliability and superb customer support for your important data. Reality Engineering, Inc. We facilitate the link between marketing and engineering. Our media team can help re-purpose your own CAD data into visually accurate interactive 3D product presentations showing degree views, interactive animations, fly-throughs, and exploded views of the product that can be produced for Marketing, Sales, and Training on CD, DVD, Video, and the Web.

We can also re-purpose your publications, print, audiovisual aids, video productions, into 3D communication tools. Reality Engingeering, Inc.

Realm Communications Group, Inc. Parker Phone: URL: www. The company specializes in developing and marketing unique fiber optic solutions. Founded in , the company has taken a leading role in supplying state-of-the-art technologies and integrated solutions in voice, data, video and SCADA fields.

Real-Time Innovations Inc. Our products include: NDDS publish subscribe, real-time middleware; Constellation – the real-time UML-based software platform for control software; and, ScopeTools – analysis tools for embedded software.

Red Rock Communications, Inc. Red Sierra Networks, Inc. RED, Inc. Communications provides complete documentation support services to clients in both the government and private sector. Services can be provided in RED, Inc.

Redman Consulting Services, Inc. Business Objectives include:? Understanding your requirements? Design – Build – Operate? Delivering standards-based integrated enterprise solutions? Aligning technology with tactical and strategic priorities?

Environmentally and sustainability conscious. RedSky Technologies, Inc. Our Cielo Software Platform supports a series of applications including E, call accounting and corporate directory management. This platform enables large enterprises to share common information by creating a centralized database providing integrated telecommunications management for security, productivity and cost containment. Farmer owned cooperative manufacturing aluminum and steel semi trailers and steel containers for refuse.

Have ability to form, brake and weld carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel. Redwood Software, Inc. Adrian Walker. Refraction Technology, Inc. Regulatory Research Associates, Inc. Reimers Systems, Inc. Reimers Phone: URL: www. We also specialize in oxygen service solutions to fit any site or need. Our accessory line also includes manifolds, hood drivers, gas selection panels and utility penetrators. RSI services include site development and engineering; turnkey site installation; field acrylic re-window service; overhaul, relocation and maintenance of any chamber; operations and emergency procedures; safety surveys; fabrication design and shop drawing reviews; CAD design and conversion from conventional drawings, and much more.

Reisman Consulting Group, Inc. RelComm, Inc. Reliable Southern Transport, Inc. We at RSTI understand that choosing the right transportation carrier to accomplish important business objectives can sometimes be cumbersome and perplexing for even the most seasoned professional.

Reliable Southern Transport Inc. Ranging from exclusive trucking, Customs Bonded carrier, airfreight, ocean freight, charters, relocations, exhibitor, and logistics services as well as crating services that can provide customized packaging to meet your needs, including Mil.

Spec, Vapor lock, and Anvil trade show cases. Our services are engineered for flexibility to provide you with the benefits of a tailored transportation package that meets your needs today while anticipating change in the future.

Again, we at Reliable Southern Transportation Incorporated appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, and look forward to a successful business-partner relationship.

If you have any additional questions regarding our services please contact me at The Company designs, manufactures, and markets wireless communications products consisting of two-way land mobile radios, repeaters, base stations, and related components and subsystems. Remcom Inc. Renaissance Communications, Inc. Rivera Phone: URL: www. Niche capability in healthcare. Major areas; project management, system design, software development, clinical and administrative applications, telemedicine, teleradiology, and telecommunications.

Renard Communications, Inc. Special features address the concerns of women, members of minority groups and technical professionals with disabilities in specific industries and professions. Regular departments review diversity practices and technical hiring at major corporations, government entities and other organizations that employ technical professionals; showcase diverse technical professionals and their jobs; and cover career news of interest to the reader community.

Delivery of these first technologically advanced loop detectors began in late Inductive loop detection systems have been in use since the s. Since , Mr. Potter has developed many patented inventions based on the detector module. These inventions are now widely used in vehicle detection systems in applications such as traffic control systems and controlled parking facilities. We are lincensed and insured. Resource Communications, Inc. Threatt Phone: URL: www.

Resource Network International, Inc. Pickrum Phone: URL: www. Responsive Internet Systems, Inc. RIS , founded in by Kevin Squire, has rapidly become one of the leading communication contractors in Southern California. Our capabilities. Having AMP certified, highly trained technicians, with an aptitude for job responsibility, teamwork, and craftsmanship, is what sets us apart.

Jarrett Phone: URL: www. RCG services also include market research, as well as business, orgainzational and financial planning. RCG conducts policy studies, regulatory analyses, procurement and contract negotiations on behalf of our clients. This includes provisioning, site surveys and project and vendor management. We also translate to foreign languages. There is a great talent pool here, and they are available via ISDN patch. Two way radio consulting and coverage prediction. RF Networks modems provide commercial quality data paths rather than shared time slot consumer access common to most cable modems.

Just as firms, whose business depended on assured communications availability, left the dial access telephone network in favor of leased circuits, so will they find it necessary to leave the shared access cable or microwave network for dedicated point-to-point bandwidth. It is precisely this need that is addressed by the RF Networks product line. The Series modems provide a protocol independent connection that is the equivalent of a hard-wired connection.

There are no problems with protocols, whatever they may be, and no waiting for an access slot to send or receive. The QPSK modulation is highly robust to any cable imperfections or microwave fade and multipath. The Model with the Model provid enhanced telemetry demodulation.

They a significant increase of data density in a world of decreasing available bandwidth and true spatial diversity. Full Warranty. Web Design and Hosting Services: www. TeleVantage 4. Rh Laboratories, Inc. The company has a broad range of standard and custom gimbal designs, in stabilized or unstabilized configurations, for payloads such as lasers, antennas, cameras and other sensors. Ring Communications, Inc.

Mclean Phone: URL: www. Systems with capacity from two to 7, stations. Emergency call stations, vandalproof and heavy duty industrial equipment also available. Systems have ability to access access control, public telephone networkds,CCTV, door control, overhead and pocket paging systems.

We focus on building and upgrading med to large Voice and Data networks worldwide. We also provide Definity equipment, Definity installation and professional services to meet your changing telecom needs. Ritron wireless products will improve the operation, safety, and profitability of any organization by providing instant voice communication between key employees throughout the workplace.

Using smart cards, fingerprint sensors, e-signature pads and advanced encryption techniques, RIVA protects wireless messages and the networks they access. RIVA service capabilities are focused on product development and engineering along with IT security solutions for network integration, installation, application development and secure data processing.

Has strong analytical, problem-solving, oral and written communications skills, and has performed test, integration and evaluation of complex electronic systems. Rizzuto Solutions, Inc. Rizzuto Phone: URL: www. RJ Mayer and Associates, Inc. One of our biggest assets is negotiating with telephone companies. Most of our consultants worked many years in the Bell system, giving us the insight to help when a customer is in the market to buy.

We track assets, from file folders to large mobile world wide assets, anywhere in the world. We provide special units to track personnel on the ground, monitored by a command vehicle in the area. We provide all weather, any location in the world, pallet and vehicle tracking. With a one day notice, we can provide tracking capability for any rush military project anywhere in the world. RJO Enterprises, Inc. Information Technology Services. Electronic Systems design, development, prototyping, production, test, and support.

Test Engineering. Communications Engineering. RLF Consulting Inc. Coleman Phone: URL: RLF Consulting staffs outsourced work,primarily in the areas of customer service communications , call center reps, help desk staffing, training, process documentation, call center evaluation and performance. RMF Engineering, Inc.

RMF is a consulting firm specializing in building and infrastructure engineering. RMF is nationally recognized for the analysis, planning, design and commissioning of complex buildings and campus utility generation and distribution systems.

Robison Management Consulting, Inc. Robison Phone: URL: www. Help managers increase their effectiveness via coaching. Provides in-house training for improvement of communications and performance. RoboProbe Technologies, Inc. Rockford Consulting Group, Ltd. Rockwell Collins Collins is a world leader in government and commercial aviation electronics and communications.

Our services division provides full intregrated logistics support including maintenance, repair, overhaul, supply chain management, non-Collins supply chain and repair management, aftermarket support, technical publications, training, and simulation services world wide at over 50 locations.

We are a copper cable splicing company for communications. We splice cables from 2 pair to pair as our main business. We also put in Cat 5 wiring and jacks in buildings for communications services. We splice Coax cables for Television services and Fiber cables for communications services. Fiber optic splicing as well as copper splicing. Testing cable and engineering services.

Water Service lines. Gas line installation. Rofin-Baasel Inc. Markable materials include metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, tamper-evident label stock, and silicon wafers. Rofin-Baasel provides design, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, sales and international service and spare parts support for its products. Rohn Industries, Inc. ROHN offers complete turnkey services. Laycock Phone: URL: We are a publisher and consulting organization specializing in work and family balance issues.

A major offering is in the area of relocation issues for families. It is especially relevant for military families and civilians employed by the government with children who often are moved frequently. Romanov Group focuses on providing information management and information technology consulting services, including project management and organization, communications and publications development, and various information technology support services.

During the past 15 years, RRC has successfully expanded into technical and management services for Government communications facilities. These achievements were made possible by our ability to partner with the customer, improve processes, and recruit and sustain the best talent.

Computer Aided Photography which makes the impossible image possible. Stock Photo Library of over , color images available for lease for communications uses. Our software specifically targets photonic component design, optical communication system simulation and network design, architecture and planning.

Thompson Phone: URL: www. We are the sixth largest mfg. Carrier class Data Communications equiptment. Motorola 2way radio equipment sales and service. Professional management consulting services including mediation, auditing, small and dbe compliance. Two – way radio communications systems sales, installation, and maintenance. Diverse managment consulting services.

Small business services program administration, public relations, community development,. South Jordan, UT Contact name: kime kinikini Phone: URL: General services, janitorial, landscaping, maintenance, general construction, linens, Laundry services, clothing suppliers, demolition,. Tech, Inc.

Tech Inc. Tech manufactures fiber optic communication devices such as modems media converters , multiplexers, repeaters, and cable assemblies for LAN, WAN, and Industrial Control Systems. From groundbaseddigital messaging to space and cyberspace, no company in ourindustry is more synonymous with excellence and leadership.

The products consist of Type1 classified andType 3 SBU encryption and authentication solutions to protectcommunications, sensitive and classified data, intellectual property,and digital identities.

Kelly Phone: URL: www. Our emphasis is in the areas of aging, disability, veterans benefits and issues and health and human services. Sagebrush Technology, Inc. Zmuda Phone: URL: www. In addition to selling standard models, Sagebrush engineers customized and custom-designed products. Sagem Avionics, Inc. These include technical support, MRO services, and marketing and sales of integrated cockpit display systems, helicopter autopilot systems, flight control components, aircraft condition and monitoring systems, and flight operations quality assurance software.

Harley Phone: URL: www. We are devoted to keeping the agency vibrant and solid, while keeping our clients profitable and on-target with their desired goals and objectives.

Whelan Phone: URL: salientassociates. Commercial, educational, residential, and telecommunications projects. Samco Antennas, Inc. We will design and build for unusual frequency requirments where a standard yagi is not available in the marketplace. US owned, founded in Fort Myers, Florida in , we have recently expanded our operations to a second location in Huntington, West Virginia. We specialize in the design and manufacture of high power up to kW AC and DC motor controllers for traction propulsion applications.

Sandia Lightwave, Inc. Clark Phone: URL: www. Sangoma s data cards, voice cards, gateways and connectivity solutions are used in leading PBX, IVR, contact center and data-communication applications worldwide. The product line includes both hardware and software components that offer a comprehensive toolset for deploying cost-effective, powerful and flexible communication solutions.

SatCom Distribution Inc. Distributing various brands allows us to recommend exactly which model would be best for you. We have a very experienced sales team to advise prior to purchase and also a technical team to support you with aftersales advice.

Please call or email us if you wish to purchase products or services. Through its world-class networks, SBC companies provide a full range of voice, data, networking and e-business services, as well as directory advertising and publishing. Internationally, SBC companies have telecommunications investments in 25 countries.

Through its world class networks, SBC companies provide a full range of voice, data, networking and e-business services, as well as directory advertising and publishing.

A Fortune 30 company, SBC currently serves 52 million access lines nationwide. It is a subsidiary in a family of growing companies, with state-of-the-art telecommunications services and products for customers in regional, national and international markets. SBC Global Services also uses small or small disadvantaged businesses as subcontractors whenever possible. SBI also. We provide components and systems that meet the computing needs of a wide range of industries, from telecommunications to medical electronics, industrial automation to defense.

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SBS maintains eight primary operating locations, has regional sales offices throughout the United States and has international sales offices in four countries. SBS serves more than 1, customers with over 4, embedded computer products.

Our approach of providing a wide range of standard and customized embedded computer solutions helps our customers get to market more quickly, more reliably and more economically. Helping our customers succeed has enabled SBS to become one of the best-performing companies in the industry.

SCA Technica, Inc. Murotake, Ph. We also provide contractor support for integration of Software Communication Architecture SCA compatible communication systems into platforms and modify digital radio systems for compatibility with the SCA.

Our technology incorporates SDR, cognitive radio and biometrics. We have facilities, personnel and programs cleared for classified access. We are a value added reseller VAR. Scheitlin Communications, Inc. Working on Hill AFB, UT for twenty years doing electrical and mechanical contracting on new construction, remodels, laboratories, process controls, security, fire alarms, communications and flight lines.

Our crew and associates work together to bring the customer uncompromised quality and value which sets US apart from all the others. Schrock Electric, Inc. Pueblo, CO Contact name: Jaime e. Loza Phone: URL: www. Patricia H. Schumaker Phone: URL: www. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. SEL designs microporcessor based devices for protecting, monitoring, automating, and controlling electric power system equipment and processes.

Our problem solving focus has yeilded over 50 granted patents. We manufacture our products in a , square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at our headquarters in Pullman, WA.

We perform customer training at our headquarters or on your site. Our production schedules, processes and procedures are meticulously controlled. Scientific Systems Company, Inc. Simpson Phone: URL: ssci. Our whole business is geared to helping clients communicate complex information to diverse internal and external audiences through print and electronic media. We have built a reputation for effectively creating communications vehicles that get tangible results.

SDS Communications, Inc.


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Similarly for Master Station printers, if suitable diversity of printers on servers is provided and automatic reassignment, then duplication is not required. Match services to locations and contracts and eliminate out-of-contract purchasing. To address these short comings this form letter was introduced. We examined the effects of letter transposition in Hebrew in three masked-priming experiments. We combine synergistic technologies and qualified professionals to achieve these goals.


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We are committed to providing our clients with high-end quality products and services. Smith Phone: URL: www. The firm provides state-of-the art telephone communications for membership development, fundraising, member polling and surveys, grass-roots advocacy programs, marketing and sales.

The firm also provides automated in-bound, toll-free services for inquiries and order placement. National Meter Industries, Inc. Company markets through electrical distribution with a support team for the North American market.

Our focus is wireless technologies that location-enable important commercial and noncommercial activities, such as the safe and secure movement of people and goods over short and long distances. We are a product company. We have a special interest in the safety of children. We develop and sell various types of devices intended to improve the lives of children.

Native American Sales N. Native Technologies, Inc. Implementing support for Indian tribal police radio communications throughout the west. Native Tele-Data Solutions, Inc. Iyarget Tele-Data Solutions has been in business for. It includes more than international, peer-reviewed journals. Our interdisciplinary coverage is unparalleled, spanning subject areas including business, science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and many more.

SAGE discipline windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser packages and subject collections: The SAGE Subject Collections are 17 discipline specific packages of the most popular, peer-reviewed windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser in leading fields such as politics приведенная ссылка international relations and materials science and engineering.

Deep Backfile and Backfile collections: To compliment your frontlist collections, SAGE offers online access to backfile content in several different packages. The backfiles offer journal content from Volume 1, Issue 1, through the last issue of If you are looking for something more specific, we offer pecific smaller backfile packages to is the discipline specifi hase and subject collections. Dedicated СПС windows 10 32 bits download iso torrent счастья Excellence is the basis for the management of our business and the foundation of our goal window customer satisfaction.

Native Translations, Inc. We are on time and on target with mission critical documents for every language used in government and commerce. Better understanding and better communication contribute to superior results, whatever the windows 1709 download manuellsen is. Our linguistic professionals translate into their own native languages and are knowledgeable in the subject areas in which they work. NT translates and produces informational materials and technical, service, user, training and marketing materials, which includes manuals, surveys, packaging, catalogs, direct mail materials, legal documents, web sites and more.

For each project, we employ acute understanding and clear writing in the приведу ссылку language and idiom. In addition to written translation services, we also provide interpreting services and professional voice talent windiws audio-visual productions.

We strive to maintain a culture of professionalism, adaptability, integrity and responsiveness. Give windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser organization the edge in client awareness, service wnidows and program effectiveness. We welcome you to contact us today to serve your global communications needs. Naval Electronics, Inc. NavStar is a solutions provider specializing in the IT business areas of telecommunications, e-commerce, security, engineering, insurance, finance, health care, publications, and government contracting.

Since inception annual sales have been in excess of 3 million dollars and growing. We are a small certified women owned company, SDB status is pending. August 1, — Miami, Florida NewCom International, a global satellite communications provider headquartered in Miami, Florida, has developed a comprehensive portfolio of one-off connectivity solutions and integrated voice, video, data and windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser services to facilitate the broad scope needs of the government sector partners it serves.

The company also offers contingency solutions for disaster recover and emergency response, streaming video services to facilitate trainings or one-off events, and turnkey education and telemedicine packages that include Internet access, content distribution and video conferencing services. When government officials responded to the devastating tornado in Windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser, Missouri, NewCom was there—providing emergency response workers with an SUV equipped with the complete satellite-based voice, video and data services necessary to coordinate rescue and relief efforts.

Wiindows USAID needed to get Internet access and key education services to schools in the remote jungles of Colombia, NewCom answered the call—delivering its complete education platform featuring satellite-based Internet access, video conferencing, automated content distribution and a remote desktop with storage, training and measurement tools.

For over years, NEC has built inspired technology with the sole purpose of connecting people. Download 2020 – free download 2020 the dawn of windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser to the universe of broadband Internet technology, NEC has created tools that continue to define it as an innovator of practical technology for everyday use. NEC is windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser на этой странице in technology solutions to meet the future needs and demand for e-commerce and other Internet-based requirements.

NEC is a provider of core technologies and services for the connected world, ranging from advanced semiconductors and device solutions, to high-speed optical communications, systems integration, enterprise-class hardware and e-commerce software applications. From mobile enterprise computing systems, biometric security solutions, business intelligence, presentation systems and business service management, our clients gain the personal attention needed to create and manage a Connected Enterprise.

With its breadth of services, software, hardware and research, NEC is ideally equipped to deliver and manage the Connected Enterprise. Net Comm Internet Technologies, Inc. With the growth of e-business, wireless communications, RFID and government regulations, organizations are drowning in data. These organizations will succeed to the extent that they are able to harness oceans downlload data to make decisions.

Data warehouse appliances designed to handle complex analyses of terabytes of data are a fundamentally new way of enabling companies to conduct in-depth analyses of this data and leverage the important trends and information contained within it. Nationwide with hundreds of past clients, commercial and government.

NetHere Inc. Netlink Ltd. Over the years Netlink has been using Spread Spectrum radio downloda RF to implement data-transfer and communications resources for federal, municipal and windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser clients, installing and implementing fixed wireless data-communications networks in SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition applications to run and control vast pipe systems. NetQure Technologies Inc. By having one of medicine powerpoint templates free download largest global IP networks, Verizon Business provides professional and managed security services provisioned from the carrier cloud to the enterprise core.

The integration of the sales and delivery of these capabilities with those of FNS positions Verizon Business as the market leader in professional services and security. Our background and experience comes from a combined plus years of experience in widnows design and installation. Giving our clients the most value for their budget is important and we give each client the time it takes to assess their needs in order lased design a customized system that meets demand now and in the future.

We are dedicated to working closely with other design team members, particularly architectural and engineering firms. Netuno C. Lawson Phone: URL: www. Windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser Engineering Consultants, Inc. NECI also http://replace.me/3798.txt specialists that provide cost analyses, regulatory strategies and support, and expert witnessing, etc. Consulting services provided include: 1 cost windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser and economic selection of wlndows and related services includes bill auditing2 Cost analysis, regulatory strategies and support, expert witnessing, etc.

Network Engineering Solutions, Inc. Our solutions combine integration of network communications, computer hardware, and business management solutions. This combined with vital training and support allows us to offer you a complete solution to maintain your business automation needs.

Stop by and visit us for a tour of our facilities. We service the Tri-State area and pride ourselves in the long-term technology partnerships we develop google chrome latest version 2021 windows 10 our customers. NetWorks Consulting TeamInc. C, Florida. Nevers Human Capital Management, Inc. Nevers Phone: URL: www. Our expertise can be utilized cross industries. Our goal is to engage with our clients to isi them with organizational change, process design windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser re-design, performance management, recruiting, training and development, organizatonal structuring, outsourcing, and PeopleSoft initiatives.

We are a dynamic firm who has worked with several divisions of Motorola, Next Level Communications, R.

NET Platforms. Bruce G. Clarke Phone: URL: www. New Jewel Services, Inc. Windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser Line Communications, Inc. We combine synergistic technologies and qualified professionals to achieve these goals. Our overall mission is to advance technologies that improve quality of life.

NMSTC is your technology commercialization partner. Do you have a new technology that has not yet been commercialized?

Often a great product idea, or the upgrading of a present product, can be temporarily or even permanently shelved without access to needed resources. New Technology Inc. Type of support includes iyarget engineering, software development, testing, operations, systems windows 10 1703 download iso itarget laser, training, and customer support. Our operations engineers are highly qualified ground controllers, mission planners, and system support personnel with direct real-time mission support experience.

Our software engineers range in experience from senior level over 10 years experience to entry level less than 2 years with an even distribution across the organization. Disciplines include telemetry processing, command and control, data reduction, database, visualization, analysis, fownload factors engineering, training, and console operations support. New York Lan Communications laaser, Inc. We pride ourselves in providing installation and support in all phases of network integrations and sell all major brands of computer and networking hardware.

Leddin Phone: URL: www. Nexcom specializes in providing turn-key state-of-the-art satellite communications systems for data, video, telephony and Internet applications.

Nexcom also specializes in upgrading existing earth stations for Solid State low and high power amplifiers. Depot repair facility for majority of telecommunication products. Also AC Power Systems.


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